A Brief Introduction

A Place to Float is a new health and wellness company that is aiming to bring the benefits of flotation therapy to the city of Indianapolis. Founded in late 2014, A Place to Float has secured preliminary commitment to open its retail spa therapy center in the Coal Factory in the Irvington neighborhood of Indianapolis. As it continues to progress through the development stages, we are excited about working towards a grand opening in mid-2015.

Flotation therapy has been around for quite sometime and is experiencing a bit of a resurgence in popularity around the country. The health benefits of floating are well documented and supported by meaningful scientific research. The buoyant supersaturated Epsom salt water and the closed-off environment of the float tanks minimize light, sound, gravity and other sensory input we are bombarded with on a daily basis. Rest and relaxation, pain management and heightened creativity and meditation are all immediate benefits of just one float session.

We are excited to bring this wellness option to, athletes, creatives chronic pain sufferers and overworked professionals of Indianapolis. Our mission is to involve the community as much as we can during every step of our journey to making A Place to Float a reality. Sign up for announcements and appointments, learn more about the benefits of floating or help to spread the word about flotation therapy. To learn more about how to get involved with A Place To Float, send us an email. We hope you join us in our effort to bring a truly unique and professional flotation therapy center to Indianapolis.

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