Relax. Recharge. Rinse. Repeat.

A 90-Minute Detour From The Modern Day World at Indianapolis' Premier Float Spa and Flotation Therapy Center.

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A Place To Float is a place for us to relax, recover and recharge. We float to relieve stress, pain and insomnia, as well as achieve sustained mental clarity, heightened creativity and mindful, meditative states. By simply lying suspended in a buoyant solution in a warm, tranquil space free from disruption and distraction, we can access the profound physical and cognitive benefits of floating.

We hope your first visit is a remarkable experience, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Sustained mental clarity, heightened creativity, restful sleep, pain management and accelerated healing are just some of the profound physical and cognitive benefits attainable through a practice of floating.

We welcome you to a calm, inviting environment, with a spacious lobby and “quiet lounge”. We’ll provide you with luxury linens and premium amenities, with convenient parking and accessible facilities.

Some people use float tanks to escape the bustle of life and relax for a few hours. Others use float tanks as a form of therapy to reduce stress. Some people use float tanks for sensory deprivation sessions that help them explore their thoughts and emotions in a semi-conscious or meditative state. Others float to … Read More >>

Initially the water is pleasantly warm, but very quickly it feels like nothing since the air and water are meant to match the temperature of your skin. The specific feelings experienced by floaters are unique to each individual and each float. However, most people report experiencing strong feelings of … Read More >>

Much like meditation, floating is a practice. It is common to have a pleasant and relaxing experience during your first float, and many people find that the experience strengthens each time. You may only realize the full therapeutic potential of floating after multiple sessions. Many people find … Read More >>