Float Spa & Flotation Therapy Center

Floatation therapy (also known as restricted environmental stimulation therapy, or REST) is a form of sensory deprivation wherein you lay horizontally suspended in a shallow pool of supersaturated Epsom salt water. The pool is enclosed in a tank or room where both the water and air temperature are equivalent to skin temperature. Additionally, the environment is engineered to be free from light, sound and other sensory input such that the overall experience is one of serene tranquility.

The benefits of floatation therapy are numerous, and there are many reasons people float. For some, floating provides rest and relaxation, a respite from the urgent demands of daily life. Others may float to reduce pain and discomfort resulting from chronic migraines, hypertension and fibromyalgia. Many people find floating offers heightened creativity, meditation and goal visualization. Regardless of your particular need, floating provides multiple benefits for practitioners.

Whether you’re seeking relaxation, recovery or renewal, floatation therapy provides a unique experience to increase wellness and improve your overall quality of life. Floating is safe, sterile and supported by a large body of clinical research. If you’re interested in learning more about floatation, or want to be notified of our grand opening and special offers, please subscribe by email or like us on Facebook.

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