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It truly changed my life. For 90 minutes (yes, 90!) I floated effortlessly in a tranquil, warm, 10-inch bath of Epsom salt and for the first time I felt the profound peace of quiet, solitude, and utter relaxation.

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My brain’s just constantly going. And when I go in and float for 90 minutes it’s like my life’s off – I’m finally in an area where I no longer have to worry about everything. I can sit back, and I can finally relax a little bit.  

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I hear nothing except my voice whispering everything I need to hear. I’m immersed in almost spiritual waves of calming peace that can not be overstated. I feel creative and ready to create.  I feel like I have a blank slate. 

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Ahhhhh. That is an oversimplification of how I felt the other day after experiencing my first, and hopefully not last, float. As a person with mild Tourette Syndrome (TS), floating helped me to actually relax!

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