Shawn Stinson, Comedian

When I first started floating, I didn’t even realize that it would be a helpful tool because I didn’t know what it would necessarily entail and what I was going to accomplish from it.

I just kind of heard about it, was interested and tried. And it wasn’t until I started reading about it and realized some of the things I could do. I call it the “serene arena.”

We’re in a world where we’re constantly affected by technology. From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, I’m either talking with somebody in person, on my telephone or dealing with traffic. And always my brain’s just constantly going. And when I go in [the float tank] it’s like my phone’s off – I’m finally in an area where I no longer have to worry about life. I can sit back, and I can finally relax a little bit.

I found the more I do it, the easier it becomes.

It helps me prioritize because I’m just distracted on a daily basis by so many things. Like, I wanna get my credit score up so I can get a house. But there’s this video on Facebook that’s fucking hilarious and I’m gonna watch it for the next 17 minutes. I constantly have these things I know I need to do, but I also have all these distractions.

I get in there and I can actually sit back and prioritize. I have a conversation within my subconscious with myself, telling me these are the things that I need to do, and this is some stuff I should do to work toward. And I think that’s where the comedy came into play, because ]there was a two or three-month span where I didn’t write anything. I didn’t go to any open mics. I didn’t even go to a show. And that’s not even like me. I go to a show at least once a month, just to see a comic. And I hadn’t even done that.

And then I got in. It was the first time that I came here. I got in, and all these ideas were hitting me. And I felt like this is my higher power telling me that this is the stuff that you enjoy doing. This is what you need to do. And you’re letting all these outside distractions block you from doing it.

My life is so noisey. I have my phone turned on. There’s traffic going on. I got friends around. I’m working, people calling about this or that. I mean, it’s constant. And that was one thing I read about was the transmission of neurons in your head. Even when you are sitting on a park bench, your eyes are taking in every single color, every light, every movement. And the neurons in your brain are transmitting those messages, and it’s taking in every single noise that you hear. And then you go into an area like that where the light’s completely off. There’s one less thing your brain has to work on. Then your body temperature’s matching the body temperature you’re at that takes that work away. You know, it’s depriving you of sensation.