Benefits of Floating

Relieve Stress & Anxiety

Just imagine: 90 minutes, completely free from the hustle and bustle, in a luxurious and soothing environment that may work wonders for your mind, body and soul. In a world that’s always on the go (and with no signs of slowing down soon), A Place to Float offers an ultra-relaxing oasis to unwind, unplug, renew and recharge, with effects that may last for weeks afterwards. Your friends will wonder what your secret is… and who knows? Your kids just might thank you for it. Speak to one of our representatives today about what flotation therapy may offer you, and plan your escape.

Enhance Creativity & Mindfulness

Enhanced creativity is one reason people engage in the practice of floating. A study found that six 90-minute float sessions allowed university professors to generate more “creative” ideas, which coincided with a self-reported increase in free imagery and remote associations. In another study, a single hour of flotation increased student’s scores on a standardized test used to measure creativity. Creative benefits are not just limited to cognitive performance – A study of jazz students found sessions enhanced their technical performance one week after the last flotation experience, suggesting the possibility of lasting benefits.

Alternative Pain Management

Another reason people float is to manage pain resulting from arthritis, back pain, sports injuries, and pregnancy discomforts. Studies has shown flotation REST to improve chronic pain conditions by relieving pain and emotional stress for fibromyalgia patients, creating an ideal environment for pain relief with weightlessness and lack of effort, and providing natural traction for a wide range of spine-related injuries.

Support Athletic Performance

For decades, floatation therapy has been the “best kept secret” of professional athletes like Steph Curry and J.J. Watt to stay in peak physical and mental condition. Now at A Place to Float, you can experience these same benefits for yourself. Because no matter what stage you’re at – and no matter what sport you’re in – there’s every chance that floating will help take your game to the next level.