Caroline Dowd-Higgins, Coach

Admittedly, I am a high-energy, focused, and ambitious career woman who works very hard. While my career brings me great satisfaction and achieving a new goal gives me an adrenaline rush, I find it hard to sit still, let alone relax. I exercise hard to honor my body and it’s rare that I am not on the go.

I prefer a walking meditation to the lotus position and I can only quiet my brain from the monkey chatter for short intervals that usually last a few minutes. So what’s a driven, passionate woman who gets stressed about relieving her stress to do?

This week I experienced floating and it truly changed my life. For 90 minutes (yes, 90!) I floated effortlessly in a tranquil, warm, 10-inch bath of Epsom salt and for the first time I felt the profound peace of quiet, solitude, and utter relaxation.

What surprised me most was the days-after effect of floating. While the 90 minutes was blissful beyond explanation, I experienced a renewed mental clarity and heightened creativity that was exhilarating. I’m told floating is a practice (like yoga) and I will continue to hone my unique physical and cognitive benefits after floating more frequently.

I can see this as an essential practice for those with chronic pain or for athletes who take their bodies to the extreme on a regular basis. But it also works for those like me who really need a practical way to relieve stress and truly unplug. The after-float glow leaves you feeling like you are walking on air and my evening sleep is deep and peaceful – just the way I like it.

This New Year, I am focusing on how to honor my body, mind and spirit. Not easy for a Type A, tightly wrapped and ultra focused achiever. Floating will help me surrender to stress relief without any effort at all. I urge you to try this one-of-a-kind experience to allow yourself to relax, renew, and rediscover your best self!